Create and Edit Mazatrol Programs on your computer

The Mazatrol Editor:

MazaCAM also includes the Mazatrol Off-line Editor. The Editor lets users write new, or edit existing Mazatrol programs, in Mazatrol. Because the Mazatrol Editor is a Windows® based application, it takes full advantage of the Windows® features such as copy/paste and pop-up menus. Some features the Editor gives the user are additional to those on the Mazatrol control. Here is a brief overview of the Mazatrol Editor:

  • Cut and Paste between programs:
    • individual lines
    • a Mazatrol process-unit
    • a shape
    • the entire program

  • Insert lines:
    • like the Mazak
    • before the current line (unlike the Mazak)
    • after the current line (unlike the Mazak)

  • Plot the part shape, similar to 'shape check' on the Mazatrol control, except the Editor automatically highlights the geometry of the part you have placed the cursor at.

  • Pop-Up Menus prompt you through the programming process.

  • Scroll Bars help you navigate swiftly through your program, instead of only 'up' and 'down' buttons.

  • Mazatrol Prompting helps you write your Mazatrol program by defining what data is needed for the field you are entering the value for.

  • Backplot Mazatrol programs to a Geopath CAD file, at this point the program is converted as geometry in a CAD file with tooling information. At this point the CAD file can be output as G-code for other machines*, please see diagram. (*A full MazaCAM package with the CAD/CAM is required to do this.)

Although these are only some of the features, the benefits are virtually endless. The purpose of the Mazatrol Editor is to significantly accelerate the programming process so you spend less time programming parts, and more time cutting them. For a complete spec sheet on please contact us.

For more detailed information, please call SolutionWare Corp. at 408-249-1529 or toll-free at 888-322-3226 for free literature.

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