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Program all your Mazaks including your Matrix CNC with MazaCAM CAD/CAM or MazaCAM Editor.

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Off-Line Mazatrol Programming
Import CAD Files and output G-code or Mazatrol
T1 to the latest Matrix

and you don’t have to wonder...

“I wish I could run my Mazatrol programs in my G-code machines.”

“How do I run my M32 programs on my Matrix without having to reprogram everything?”

“I have a CAD file -- how can I simply make a Mazatrol program out of it?”

Why lose money wondering?

Supports the broad line of Mazak controls from the first T1 to modern Nexus and eMachine (including T1, T2, M2, T3, T32, M32, T+, M+, Fusion-640M, Fusion-640T, Fusion-640MT, Integrex-Pro, M-Pro, and Matrix), call for details.

MazaCAM has helped thousands of users program their CNCs whether they use G-code or Mazatrol. If you are a growing company and are looking to automate the way you program, then MazaCAM can help by giving you one CAD/CAM system for all your mills and lathes.

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