Star CAD/CAM system for all your CNC machines

...including all the Mazak generations

Program all your Mazaks including your Matrix CNC with MazaCAM CAD/CAM or MazaCAM Editor.

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Off-Line Mazatrol Programming
Import CAD Files and output G-code or Mazatrol
T1 to the latest Matrix

Milling (engraving, indexing, sub-programs, etc...)

MazaCAM offers extreme simplicity when programming parts. Milling has never been this simple and fast. MazaCAM's intuitive CAD features, off-line Mazatrol Editor, file management, and many other capabilities get your parts out fast. Program all your Mazaks or G-code machines from a CAD file or an existing Mazatrol program.

Lathe with Live-Tooling

Sure, lathe parts are simple to program, and a good Mazatrol programmer can give you code in minutes; but with today’s parts standing at the machine to get live-tooling output is not the optimum way to get your parts out. MazaCAM gives you the tools to output live-tooling, Y-axis, B-axis, etc. in both G-code and Mazatrol.

From a print or a CAD file to Mazatrol

MazaCAM programs all the Mazak Generations with an off-line Mazatrol Editor or through a true CAD/CAM system for both Mazak and G-code machines; this is truly a FULL CAD/CAM system for all your CNC machines. MazaCAM can convert a Mazatrol program up or down to the various other Mazatrol generations or take a Mazatrol program and convert it into a G-code program within minutes.

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